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About my work

I am a life-long artist/maker.  In the past, I earned my living as a seamstress and toy maker.  A love of fabric, its malleability and patterning, informs my work as a painter.


Layers and colors, along with the absence of a temporal anchor in my work, serve to challenge the viewer while also welcoming them into the narration.

Combining paint, collage materials, stencil, print and drawing, I work with impulsive thoughtfulness. The work often includes scraps of cloth and paper salvage such as packaging and catalogues as well as my own monoprints. 


My informing subjects and imagery are often found in domestic objects. I am a process painter and my images evolve as I work.I believe that the integration of art into our everyday lives improves the quality of living. My work has graced galleries as well as stages parades, and walls in Albuquerque, NM.


As social creatures, we are products of our environments and our passions. While I do not have a formal arts education, I have learned from working artists through classes, camaraderie, and observation.

Creativity sustains me and, in turn, I make it my mission to return the favor. 

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